Our house, Le Fayard

Moving to France, a change of lifestyle...

Just over 15 years ago, the current owners of Le Fayard decided a change was needed and after various trips to France in search of an ideal property, they settled on the village of St. Germain du Bois in Burgundy.

The owners: John and Anette Lacey

Between us we speak French, English, German and Danish. So whatever nationality you may be, we are sure we will be able to communicate in some way!

An old Bressan farmhouse

The bed & breakfast - ``Le Fayard`` is an old Bressan farmhouse built in the early 1800's that has the natural charm of Burgundy's history along with the modern amenities demanded by today's travelers. The ground floor is completely renovated to its original splendor by its current owners Anette (Danish) & John Lacey (English).

Wishing well

It´s not unusual for properties in the are to have their own well. We like to think that our well is special - come and throw a coin and see if your wishes come true like our´s did!

Bressan houses

The style of Le Fayard is traditional to the Bresse area. The main supporting frame is oak timber built, and allows the entire house to be dismantled and rebuilt in another location. Red bricks are used to fill the spaces between the outer wooden walls, and when necessary in the summer the bricks were removed to allow more air to circulate.

  • Free wifi

    Free internet access in the middle of the countryside!

  • Pets allowed

    As dog owners ourselves, we understand that you may want to take your pet with you on holiday. No problem! We have ample space outside for them to run around and pets are allowed in both accomadations.

  • Restaurant

    There are many options nearby for eating out, offering local specialities such as Bresse chicken and snails, as well as foreign and fast food. The daily markets found in the villages around Le Fayard offer fresh and delicous produce.

We sell the house. If yo are interested in buy the house you can get more information here.